Meet Our Team

My name is Jacqueline M. Luna and I am a Licensed Health, Financial and Insurance Broker. With over 7 years of experience in this industry, I have been working with families, businesses, and school employees to find them a safe and sound solution for their health, insurance and retirement needs. This career path has blessed me with the opportunity of giving back to my community.

My interest in finances and helping clients began when I was working as a young and enthusiastic retail clerk, and continued with my employment with a local bank. These work experiences exposed me to the need for financial education in my community, especially for the “unbanked” or “underbanked”, and motivated me to pursue my financial education at a deeper level so that I can be of greatest assistance.

JM Luna Health, Financial & Insurance Solutions was founded to serve the people that inspired me to pursue finances, our community!

Our team is a group of professionals and passionate individuals intent on bringing the vision of self financial empowerment to our community. Every individual, family and business owner deserves special attention and we are here to do that. We strive to earn your respect and your business.